WS059 - Creating a more compassionate culture of sport (ENG)

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Sport could be an incredible force for good in the world, for the individuals involved, for communities and for society as a whole, however, the reality looks depressingly different. Sport at all levels is rife with unwanted and destructive side-effects, including stress, anxiety, depression, burnout, bullying, discrimination and corruption, to name just a few.

What is needed is an approach that journeys deeper than the ego-driven realm of wins, losses, medals and the superiority of nations. We need a more compassionate, human-centred approach that puts athletes, coaches, teams and all those that support them back in touch with the core benefits and true purpose of sport.

This talk will present a framework of guiding principles for that more compassionate approach, and introduce key practices aimed at athletes and those around them who wish to get much more from their time in sport than medals and accolades.

This session will be given in English.

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Laurence Halsted is a two-time British Olympic fencer and multiple European medallist, who competed in the London 2012 and Rio 2016 Games.

Immediately after retiring from competitive sport, Laurence became the Performance Director of the Danish Fencing Federation. He is now head of mentoring at UK charity, The True Athlete Project, as well as a performance consultant and coach working across sport, business and education.

In 2021 Laurence published his first book, which introduces and describes a practical philosophy for flourishing in sport, one that goes far beyond the results and medals to rediscover the true value of sport and of being an athlete.