Overnight stay in Sport Vlaanderen Gent


Associations or schools can come to Sport Vlaanderen Gent for the organisation of sport training, sport classes or sport camps.

In there is room for 82 persons: 28 two-person rooms, 10 one-person rooms and 4 four-person rooms.

The sports accommodation also has the following meeting rooms

  • Classroom 1 - capacity 30 persons - class arrangement (tables + chairs)
  • Classroom 2 - capacity 30 persons - class arrangement (tables + chairs)
  • Multi-purpose hall - capacity:
    • 30 persons in classroom arrangement
    • 130 persons in cinema arrangement (only chairs) 

These 3 meeting halls can, thanks to movable walls, be turned into 1 or 2 larger areas. Walls are used for projection. A beamer is not a permanent fixture but can be requested (€ 20.00/day). Reservations via :