The top location for indoor sports events


The Topsporthal Vlaanderen opened its doors in 2000. The hall was built for the European Indoor Athletics Championships which Ghent was hosting. The Topsporthal Vlaanderen is the result of a collaboration between the Vlaamse Gemeenschap, Sport Vlaanderen, de provincie Oost-VLaanderen, Flanders Expo and the stad Gent.


The hall has a permanent 200 metres running track with 6 lanes. The middle area has an area of 2150 m², which can be enlarged to 3000 m². The area is used for athletic disciplines such as 60 metres sprint, high jump, long jump, triple jump, pole vault and shot-put.


The hall has 3539 seats which, if necessary, can be expanded to more than 5000 seats.


In the winter period, the emphasis is largely on indoor athletics. In the other periods of the year, the hall is a multifunctional sports and events hall. It is mainly focused on events at national, European and world level. Throughout the years, a wide range of events have been organised: the World Championship Gymnastics, the World Championship Aerobics, European Championship Fencing, the Davis Cup contest between France and Belgium and the Ghent boxing gala, to name but a few. Even the Dutch Indoor Athletics Championships were held in this hall between 2000 and 2008.

Power Gyms

Three Top level sport Power Gyms

The Top level Sports Hall has three power hall for top sport: the ‘strength base’, set up in the old court and ballroom, the power hall of the Topsporthal Vlaanderen (on the side of the First Aid) and the power hall in het Vlaams Wielercentrum Edy Merckx. These power gyms are equipped with the best material so that you can train at top level. All three power gyms are equipped with a parquet floor and body bow, mirrored walls, barres, wall racks, benches, etc. The equipment is from companies such as Life Fitness, Keiser, UPS, Pallini, Hammer Strength and Red Cord.


Only for top-level athletes

The power gyms are not accessible to all. Only in the cases listed below can you make use of our top level power gyms:

  • you are an elite athlete
  • you are a promising youngster
  • you are an identified top-level sports talent
  • you are taking lessons at a Topsportschool
  • you are a “window of opportunity” elite athlete
  • you are a recognised coach of one of the above


Power gym “Clubs and students”

Power gym “Clubs and students” on the practice circuit of the Topsporthal Vlaanderen.

You can use the “old” power gym on the practice circuit of the Topsporthal Vlaanderen as:



  1. Athlete (or coach) affiliated to a recognised Flemish sports club which in turn is affiliated with a recognised Flemish Unisports Federation, and in addition:
    • member of a team sport, active in at least the second division.
    • individual competitor at the Belgian Championships.
  2. Student and/or staff member at the University of Ghent and in possession of a valid staff and/or student card for the current academic year.


 Check the opening time on the ‘opening times’ tab.


Personal coaches area

We opened the “Personal coaches area” in Sport Vlaanderen Gent on 1 September 2016. Personal trainers and their athletes can train in this area. The room, measuring 23 metres by 5 metres, has:

  • tables and chairs
  • airex mats
  • mirrors
  • small sports material that we make available:
    • 3 x TRX Pro Suspension trainer kit
    • 2x Medicine ball: 2kg 3kg and 4kg
    • 3x Kettlebell cast iron: 4kg, 8kg, 12kg, 16kg, 20kg, 24kg, 28kg and 32kg
    • 2x single leg squat stand
    • 2x Thera-Band Balance trainer: Green, Blue and Black
    • 1x Cando Exercise bands: 5.5m XXlight/Beige, Xlight/Yellow, Light/Red, Medium/Green, Strong/Blue, Xstrong/Black, XXstrong/Silver and XXXstrong/Gold
    • 1x Crossmaxx Pull-Up Rack


Those hiring the “Personal coaches area” can also make use of:

  • the warming up circuit of the Topsporthal Vlaanderen
  • the Power gym “Clubs”
  • the changing rooms and showers of Sport Vlaanderen Gent.

Clients who regularly rent the rooms shall be given the opportunity of placing their own lockable cupboard where private material can be stored throughout the duration of the contract.

Reservations take place via e-mail to the attention of, on the basis of non-exclusivity, with the norms of the rules of procedure of Sport Vlaanderen Gent. The rent is 20.00 euro per hour. If several groups make simultaneous use of the facilities, they must agree amongst themselves who uses which area. For regular high-users, extended contracts are agreed and concluded in a user agreement. These are invoiced every 2 months.

!  During major events in the Topsporthal, access may be temporarily refused !

!  On arrival, the Personal Coach and his/her athletes must report to reception and if necessary make any payments. Badges will be provided for the electronic access system.


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