For sports clubs and associations

Useful information for sports clubs


Need a place for training and competitions? You want to organise an event or sports day with your club?


The sports accommodations of Sport Vlaanderen Gent can be used for a one-off event or rented for an entire season. A user agreement is concluded for regular use of the accommodations and for events.


If you would like more information about the sport accommodations available, you can best contact the reservations manager.

What can we offer you?

Sport Vlaanderen Gent is located on the Watersportbaan, just outside the tourist centre of Gent and in the immediate vicinity of the sports and recreational centre De Blaarmeersen.

Our facilities for both indoor and outdoor sports are impressive: we have the Topsporthal Vlaanderen (Flanders indoor sports arena) and Vlaams Wielercentrum Eddy Merckx (Flemish Cycling Centre Eddy Merckx) with the BMX circuit. And there is  also something for everyone in the omni sports hall and Topgymnastiekhal I and II.

You can come to us for these sports:

  • Cycling in Vlaams Wielercentrum Eddy Merckx and on the BMX circuit
  • Badminton, handball, volleyball, cycle ball and korfball on the inner arena of Vlaams Wielercentrum Eddy Merckx.
  • Indoor athletics on a fully equipped athletics track
  • Badminton, handball, mini-football, basketball, korfball, volleyball and tennis in  omni sports hall
  • Artistic gymnastics and acrobatic gymnastics in Topgymnastiekhal I
  • Acrobatic gymnastics in Topgymnastiekhal II
  • Power training

Planning a weekend or training?

Do you want to organise a training with overnight stay or some other sports weekend? You can do that for groups of 10 or more. In Sport Vlaanderen Gent there is room for 82 persons: 28 two-person rooms, 10 one-person rooms and 4 four-person rooms.


The friendly restaurant seats 120 persons. You can also make use of the reading room and the TV room.


Sports clubs can make use of our overnight stay possibilities, on condition that they submit a sound sports programme. For Sport Vlaanderen, sport obviously takes centre stage, and that’s why we consider it important that the sports programme is known when drawing up an agreement.


More information about a sports weekend or training? Please contact Liesbeth Wulteputte.