About Sport Vlaanderen Gent


Sport Vlaanderen Gent is located on the Watersportbaan, just outside the tourist centre of Gent and in the immediate vicinity of the sports and recreational centre De Blaarmeersen.
Our facilities for both indoor and outdoor sports are impressive. We have the Topsporthal Vlaanderen (Flanders Indoor Sports Arena) and the Vlaams Wielercentrum Eddy Merckx (Flemish Cycling Centre Eddy Merckx) with the BMX circuit. And there is something for everyone in the multifunctional Sports hall and the Top Gymnastics Hall I and II.
In Sport Vlaanderen Gent, you can find accommodations for the following sports:

• Multifunctional Sport Hall consisting of 3 sections (A, B and C):

• badminton (8 courts)
• handball (1 court)
• mini-football (3 pitches)
• futsal (1 pitch)
• basketball (3 courts)
• korfball (1 court)
• volleyball (3 courts)
• tennis (3 courts)
• recreational gymnastics

!! you have to bring your own rackets, balls and shuttlecocks with you, and you must also set up nets and goals.

• Vlaams Wielercentrum Eddy Merckx

• Track cycling and BMX
• Central square: badminton, handball, volleyball, cycle ball and korfball


• Topsporthal

• indoor athletics on a fully equipped athletics track
• multifunctional event hall


• Top Gymnastics Hall I: artistic gymnastics
• Top Gymnastics Hall II: artistic gymnastics, acrobatic gymnastics
• Fencing hall
• Power training


Active clubs in Sport Vlaanderen Gent

A whole range of sports clubs are active in Sport Vlaanderen Gent. In this overview of active clubs, you can discover what they are and you can also find the contact details of the club manager.

Our centre is smoke-free

Since 1 June 2019, everybody exercises and plays smoke-free. We do that in compliance with the campaign “Generation Smoke-free”. Back at the start of 2018, Sports Flanders committed itself, together with organisations such as the Flemish Institute Healthy Living and Stand up against Cancer to promise that any child born after 2019 would enjoy a smoke-free life. Since 1 June 2019, we have asked our visitors only to smoke in the designated smoking areas, out of sight of children. The areas where you are allowed to smoke are indicated with a blue board and are provided with an ashtray. Thanks for helping our children grow up smoke-free.

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