Hierop zien jullie onze mooie dryslope en tubing baan te Genk

Big and medium jump

The big jump (16 meter)

The big ski jump is around 35 metres tall, 46 metres long and has an incline of 30°. Lower down the run is an adjustable jump (16 m) which allows you to copy any ‘big air jump’ in the world. You land on a Progression Airbag measuring 1160 m2.

The medium jump (8 meter)

The medium jump (8 m) has been in use since May 2019. This run is 20 metres tall, 40 metres long and 7 metres wide. Here again, the landing is made on an airbag. This means the jump is also perfectly accessible for recreational snowboarders. Needless to say, the necessary experience in skiing of snowboarding is essential!