Hierop zien jullie onze mooie dryslope en tubing baan te Genk


Admission conditions

We are assuming that only experienced coaches and/or athletes will come here to train. You should, however, take time to get to know the dry slope and the airbag before taking on more complex jumps.


Teams must also be accompanied by a recognised trainer.


Use of the dry slope is not permitted for those under the age of 18 unless they can provide written permission from the parents or are accompanied by a trainer. 


Wearing a helmet and gloves is, of course, mandatory!

And if you haven’t (yet) reached the required level but can already snowboard? Soon we will be organising a course of lessons. After you have completed the necessary lessons, you can then join in the organised trainings.


Needless to say, we want to avoid any damage being done to the airbag. For this reason, all boards are checked for cracks in the steel sides or sharp corners and burrs on the steel sides. It’s best if you check this in advance, for anyone with a crack in the steel side, or who has burrs on the side or too sharp steel sides will not be allowed on the airbag! Unfortunately, we have to refuse some participants.


Both the inrun and the airbag are sprayed with water. So you’ll get quite wet during the training. Bring suitable or a spare set of clothing with you. If it is rather colder, a wetsuit is perfect.


When renting the accommodation, this does not include a bodily injury or a civil liability insurance. We recommend that you make sure you are properly covered by your personal insurance. (a bodily injury insurance is only included for the series of lessons we organise)

You can go to Snowsport Flanders for the most comprehensive winter sport insurances.