Hierop zien jullie onze mooie dryslope en tubing baan te Genk

Lightning stairway

Hierop zien jullie de nieuwe bliksemtrap te Genk

In addition to the remarkable design of the big piste, where the round columns stick out of the ground like random toothpicks, a pathway is also provided between these columns with a stairway. Due to the jagged shape, and with a nod to the Cosmic theme of Kattevennen, this construction is also known as the lightning stairway. At the top, the stairway gives access to a platform with a view across the “National Park Hoge Kempen”. If you have the nerve to go even higher, you can use a stairway that starts from this platform and passes through the piste. This allows not only a great view of the piste from above, but also an even higher view of the National Park. You are then at a height of around 40 metres above the ground level.