Hierop zien jullie onze mooie dryslope en tubing baan te Genk


You used to be able to ski on the brush slope at Kattevennen. Recently, a state-of-the-art dry slope for snowboarders and skiers has arisen on the same site, and offers both a big and a small jump. Top athletes will be able to train here for the Olympic Games and young talent will be able to prepare themselves for the future. But there cannot be top level sport if there is no breadth of athletes and for this reason we will be introducing, step-by-step, a wide range of lessons, sport camps and free training.

Thanks to the close cooperation with the city of Genk, the tower of the main ski jump will be accessible for the general public. You can use the so-called ‘lightning stairway’ to reach the highest point in the structure. A challenge for people with a somewhat poorer condition, but the reward of a view across the entire National Park Hoge Kempen makes it all worthwhile.