Hierop zien jullie onze mooie dryslope en tubing baan te Genk

Outdoor sport possibilities

Our bike park is certainly worth exploring during your stay with us. This is open to top mountain-bikers, recreational mountain-bikers and BMXers. The bike park consists of 3 sections:

  • Technical circuit cross country mountain bike: The blue basic loop can be ridden easily and safety by the average mountain biker. The loop passes several times through a very technical area. Depending on your level, you are given here the choice of simply following the blue loop (average mountain bikers), or taking the red loop (for the technically better mountain biker) or the black loop (expert level). We will also in September be opening a downhill along the small dry slope. 
  • Skills course: The green loop is a course of around 1 km whereby you have a chance around the wooden obstacles to brush up your basic techniques (balance, steering, small jumps). This course is used by Sports Flanders for its initiation lessons. Take into account that this loop is extremely busy on weekdays.
  • Pump track: Our pump track is paved with asphalt and is 250m long. It is unique in Belgium and offers a fantastic experience for mountain bikers, BMXers, skaters and steps. With a bike, you make a pumping movement with arms and legs in order to move forward. The better your technique, the more easily you move forward. CAUTION: do not pedal. Your pedals will hit the ground on the hills which could cause you to fall and damage the asphalt.

Sports Flanders Genk is located at one of the entrance gates to the National Park Hoge Kempen and contains 160 km of paths, divided into 6 loops. There is a starting point in the car park of Kattevennen for the following routes:

  • The small circuit of 15.6 km (green route) takes you in and round the recreational area of Kattevennen and Spiegelven.
  • The big circuit of 43 km (red route) connects the various wooded areas of Genk, such as Kattevennen, Heibos, Zillebos, Melberg, Zonhoverheide, SportinGenk Park and Horensberg.


In the middle of beautiful surroundings and behind our sport accommodation there is a large multifunctional sports ground, suitable for tennis (2 courts), volleyball, handball, football, basketball, hockey and other outdoor sports.


In addition, we have a large outdoor arena for equestrian sports. This special ebb and flow arena is 50m wide and 80m long. Next to the outside arena, the final touch is being made to a warm-up area of 30m wide and 60m long.