Hierop zien jullie onze mooie dryslope en tubing baan te Genk

Indoor sport possibilities

Our modern sport hall consists of one large sport hall with recently renovated parquet flooring, a multi-purpose hall and a climbing hall. There are 4 large changing rooms with showers and 2 small changing rooms.

  • Large sport hall: This modern hall with its recently renovated parquet flooring measures 44m by 20m and is suitable for badminton, basketball, handball, korfball, volleyball, futsal and many other indoor sports.  
  • Multi-purpose hall This mirror hall measures 15 m by 10m and is ideal for sports such as yoga, dance, judo and other martial arts. This hall also contains several fitness appliances. 
  • Climbing hall: This hall is 11m high and fitted with 15 safety ropes for climbing around 40 routes of varying difficulty.
  • Recreation hall: This hall is fitted with an archery butt where shots can be made up to 20m. Several table tennis tables are also available. Further, this area can be used as a relaxation area.


We also have 2 indoor riding arenas for equestrian sports.

  • Arena 1: Has an area of 40m by 20m. You have a direct view of the arena from the cafeteria.
  • Arena 2: Has an area of 35m by 18m and is located opposite arena 1.